A week in the life of …. my oven!

So maybe not the most exciting post but my oven is an essential part of my daily life without which I couldn’t run my little business.

When I visit my mums house her oven is ALWAYS immaculate – it looks like she never uses it and it has always been like this – I don’t know how she does it but it just doesn’t get dirty – or she is a magical cleaning wizardess – I suspect the latter! Well I can probably never live up to those dizzy heights. My oven on the other hand seems to get greasy and grimy even without using it, but admittedly its on most days not just with cakes but home cooked meals and the weekly roast adored by my family! As I bake for others it is essential I keep the oven clean and it regularly gets a total blitz – I like to use OvenPride its pretty toxic stuff but it does the job without too much scrubbing.

However, how to master the keeping it clean between cleans magic – Croylek asked me if I would like to trial their Tufflek teflon oven mats – so of course I said yes and here are the results.

Day1: My 13 year old oven looking very smart with its freshly trimmed mat


& chicken wrapped in bacon and new roast potatoes for supper


Day2: Just a few cakes to bake



Day3: More cake and a few marks on the mat easily removed with a damp cloth



Day 4: roasting chicken thighs for my poorly dog to eat!


Day 5: Beef and ale pie with wedges!


Day 6: Little lemon cakes and lasagne for supper



Day 7 : slow roast lamb and roast potatoes


and a quick wipe over and its like new!


Well I don’t think I’ve have ever kept my oven so clean – so perhaps I haven’t put the mat properly through its paces – how about a greasy bacony grill pan. My teens are bacon obsessed but not so clean the grill pan obsessed. So here it is pre and post cleaning



A few grease spots left but it literally took a rinse over with warm water and a squirt of washing up liquid.

Conclusions : yes there are lots of teflon mats out there and I’m not sure these are much different to most but they do work, they do the job perfectly and at £4.99 per mat on Amazon they are a competitive price. I have a spare mat for you to win too! Just follow my self @becksbake and @Croylekstore on twitter and retweet the link to this blog post and I will draw a name out of a hat on 1st September.

Croylek kindly sent me complimentary mats to try however the views here are completely my own.


3 thoughts on “A week in the life of …. my oven!

  1. I so need one of these mats for when I get my new oven/kitchen. They look fantastic and it would seem I use our oven as much as you use yours. Great review post xx.


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