Gravity Defying Cakes

Gravity defying cakes are very ‘in’ at the moment and my most popular pin on Pinterest by far is and M&M cake made by one of my kids for her friends birthday.

This Easter I thought I would do something a little different and combine my favourite bundt tin with a chocolate chicken from Lidl and a gravity defying design! I thought it was an original take however I have now seen two other similar ones already on various forums!

You can even buy a anti-gravity kit from Lakeland UK which gives a very stable design, but all you actually need is a balloon stick and chocolate!

Here is my quick how to!

Equipment: a ballon stick and a board! you can get these easily online from various market sites, or from party shops.


I covered my board in chocolate but this isn’t essential.

Fix the stick holder to the board with a blob of chocolate below.


cover with chocolate to secure and leave to harden. I use dark chocolate as it sets harder than milk.image

For this cake I used a bundt so it had a hole in the middle, but if you are using a layer cake just put the stick in first and thread the layers over the stick.


Paint the stick with melted chocolate, it covers the colour of the stick and makes sticking things to it much easier.

Cut the stick to size by holding your ‘vessel’ over it remember to allow enough stick to go inside and to the top of your final vessel.

You need to form a good base for the chocolates to build up from, so I filled my bundt hole with eggs. I also suggest you add any toppings to the cake at this point as it is easier than after you have covered the stick.


Gradually build up the chocolates from the bottom by brushing them with some chocolate and sticking them to the stick.Using a brush helps keep your fingers clean and minimises chocolate on the outside of the construction.


It helps if the chocolate is fairly cool. Be patient and make sure each chocolate has set in place before you add the next one or you will get an avalanche!


Make sure you keep turning the cake to build up the stick evenly.


When you are near the top test your ‘vessel’ to see if you have enough chocolates attached to the stick. If you are using a bag then go higher so they look like they are pouring from the bag. If like me you have a solid item then you may need to put the last few chocolates once in position.

Put a blob of chocolate on the top of the sick to help hold the vessel in place


If you are using a bag fill it with loosely scrumpled cling film to make the bag look full and it will help hold it in position too. I made a hole in the chickens base with a hot bbq kebab skewer just big enough for the straw to help keep it stable.Finish off which more chocolates around the base and if you want to have the chocolates pouring off the cake use chocolate to stick these to the side too.


These cakes are really much easier than they look my teenagers made both of these for their friends. We used coloured royal icing for the skittles instead of choclate.





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