Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Salted caramel is the current crowd pleasing ingredient of choice, combine that with a baked cheesecake then you are onto a dessert that is sure to be a winner all round!


I recommend making this the day before you want it as its best to allow it to cool in the oven before you refrigerate it. My recipes are a combination of Sam Sterns cheesecake from his Student Cookbook, a traditional soured cream New York cheesecake topping and my favourite salted caramel recipe by Food Mouth Blog 

Baked Cheesecake


125g digestive biscuits

100g gingernut biscuits

75g butter


750g cream cheese ( Philadephia style full fat)

3 eggs

175g caster sugar

1/2 lemon zest and juice

1 tsp vanilla extract


100ml double cream

100ml soured cream

1-2 tbsp icing sugar

1-2 tsp lemon juice

Salted caramel

225g granulated sugar

90g butter cubed

125ml double cream


Preheat the oven to 150C

Grease a loose bottomed 23cm tin and line the base with a greasproof circle.

Whizz the biscuits in a food processor and melt the butter. Add to the biscuits in the processor and whizz some more until all combined. Tip into the prepared tin and press down evenly on the bottom. Put in the fridge for 15 minutes.

To make the filling place all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk until throroughly combined and no lumps remain.

Pour on to the base, place the tin on a baking tray and bake for 35-40 mins or until the mix is just set but still has a slight wobble in the middle. Turn off the oven, crack the door slightly and leave to cool over night.

The next morning place in the fridge until you are ready to decorate (at least 2 hours). Don’t panic if there are any cracks, there often are and the creamy topping will hide them! Mine had seismic proportion cracks this time but no-one was any the wiser as I filled them with the topping and smoothed over!


Whilst cooling make the salted caramel.

In a large flat botttomed non stick pan warm the sugar gently until it starts to melt, its ok to move the sugar around at this point but once its melted don’t stir it again.


Increase the heat to allow the sugar to caramelise, you are aiming for a rich brown colour or 160C with a sugar thermometer.

At this point remove from the heat and whisk in the butter cubes, it can split slightly if so pop back on a low heat still whisking.


Add the cream it will bubble like crazy!


Whisk whisk whisk some more and hey presto you have caramel, 1/2 tsp seasalt will lift it to the next level and now you have the best ever salted caramel.

FullSizeRender (1)

Transfer to a container and allow to cool completely. Finish off in the fridge to get to a piping consistency.

Once completely cold make the topping/crack filler !

Whisk the double cream until forming soft peaks, add the lemon juice and icing sugar to taste then fold in the soured cream. Spread a layer over the cheesecake and pop back into the fridge to set whilst you sort out the caramel. When you are ready unmould the cheesecake and place on your serving dish.

My piped design looks very intricate but is really quite simple. Fill a piping bag with 1-2tbsp caramel sauce and snip the end to make a small hole. Pipe straight parallel lines approx 1 cm apart across the cake in one direction. Turn the cake repeat at 90degrees to form a crisscross pattern. Now turn the cake by 45 degrees, repeat again and finally 90 more degrees to finish the lattice.




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