Its been a really busy couple of weeks here at BecksBake, my busiest week of orders followed by a week with 3 family birthdays including my own! So I thought I would share a few photos with you all. 

My mini cupcakes are a bit of a favourite of mine, they can be so easily decorated to fit with a cake theme or used as stand alone sweet treats at any event 

Good cake certainly doesn’t have to be highly decorated either. This couronne is a cherry, chocolate and pistachio version of one made by Paul Hollywood at Christmas time. It’s a fabulous centre piece for a buffet table. A little goes a long way and it freezes beautifully too. 

My favourite cakes are definitely naked ones, decorated with flowers or fruit the cake really has the opportunity to shine through. This one was lemon cake and filled with a fresh cream and mascarpone lemon filling. The 50 on top is made using lollipop mixture. The accompanying cupcakes were also lemon but topped with elderflower buttercream and fresh elderflowers 



My final order for the week was for an 18th birthday. The brief was to include as many of the birthday girls hobbies and loves as possible whilst illustrating her almost ‘narcoleptic sleeping habit’ (in her mums words) I also offered to try and replicate her bedcovers – which I hadn’t seen at that point so was a bit daunted to find they were multicoloured and patterned but it made my day when the birthday girls first words were ‘ it’s my bed!’ This cake was a brown sugar cake with salted caramel and vanilla buttercream filling. It’s so important to me that the cake tastes good. 


Moving onto big week of birthdays. I share my birthday with my mum and my middle daughter is the day after us – so it’s always a busy week.

For mum I made a simple lemon kayer cake topped with some handmade roses made from modelling chocolate 


The day before my birthday I went on an amazing course with Fondant Fox at the Meringue Girls to learn to make an electro floral cake – this was the result – such a great course too 


Final cake of the week was for my daughter. I went for a chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache filling and decorated with chocolate shards and ganache balls 



There are a couple of recipes that I have been asked to blog too so I promise to get round to those soon! 


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