Super quick banoffee cheesecake dessert 


 Sometimes you just get the urge to whip out a quick crowd pleaser on a Sunday and today was one of those days! This pud is super quick and super easy to do with just a few ingredients. No electric mixers or processors required and can be eaten as soon as it’s ready or popped in the fridge for an hour or so until you want it! 

Banoffee cheesecake dessert

4 chocolate digestive biscuits

1tblsp melted butter

1/2 can caramel condensed milk

1 banana

6 tblsp double cream

6 tblsps cream cheese

1 tbsp icing sugar

Chocolate drops or sprinkles to top.


Place the chocolate biscuits in a plastic bag,  

 seal and use your hands to crush the biscuits into crumbs.   


Add the melted butter to the bag and incorporate well.

Divide the mixture between four glasses and press down lightly.


Open the can of caramel and share 1/2 of it between the four glasses.



What you do with the rest of the can is of course entirely up to you !!!! ( it will keep for a week in the fridge in a sealed plastic container)

Slice the banana 


and layer it over the caramel.


Whip the double cream until soft peak stage, add the icing sugar and stir in.

Add the cream cheese and whip that through until smooth.


Top with banana with the cream if you want to pipe it in just fill a bag and snip 1 cm from the tip – no need for a nozzle. 



 Top with choc chips or sprinkles and you are good to go.





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