Lighter Doner Kebabs with homemade flatbreads

IMG_9009                      IMG_9037I really don’t like the word diet! I don’t think that ‘going on a diet’ is something any of us should ever really consider. What we should think about is following healthy, balanced eating plans every day. Don’t deny yourself things if you really fancy them, but do all things in moderation and if you have a special occasion or a big blow out, balance it off later in the week with a super healthy day. That said we all need a little kickstart or reminder of our dietary path every now and then and I have felt that there have been lots more ‘blowoutdays’ than good ones in 2014 so January has been a super healthy month for me with lots of salads, very little added sugar foods and no alcohol (boohoo!). My aim is to improve my fitness and feel more comfortable in my clothes – weight isn’t really important – so combined with my healthy food I have started running again and trying to practise my yoga more than my weekly class. Its a fairly simple equation less bad calories in, more good energy out will result in a more healthy me.

If you follow me on Instagram  (@becksbake) you will have seen me posting lovely healthy salads and evening meals that I have made this month and for me variety is the key to keeping on track. I have bought a couple of new magazines GF EatWell & Sainsbury’s magazine and the new Davina McCall 5 Weeks to Sugar Free for inspiration, but the recipe that got lots of my twitter pals chatting last night was the Hairy Biker Dieters Doner Kebabs (but I call them Lighter Doner Kebabs!), from The Hairy Bikers Dieters for Life book. The recipe includes a lovely garlic sauce which I made using 0% greek yoghurt. they also suggest adding chilli sauce so I was delighted to be able to use my Scotch Bonnet Sauce that I made using a recipe from Tales from the Kitchen Shed recipe this sauce has matured fabulously and gave the perfect kick to the kebabs.

However the main request was how do you make those flatbreads? – this is a recipe I use regularly, whilst the flat breads don’t split like pittas you an make them thin enough to fold in half for the kebabs. they are perfect for all kinds of other things too especially with dips as a light lunch or alongside a curry instead of rice. I made these ones with spelt flour. Spelt is still a kind of wheat and does still contain gluten so don’t give it to any coeliac diners, however it is a much more ancient grain with lower gluten content than many modern wheats and therefore is digested differently and thought to be easier to digest than ordinary plain flour. You can easily use ordinary plain flour or even mix in some whole wheat flour if you prefer.


175g spelt/plain/wholewheat flour

1 heaped tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

175g 0% fat plain greek yoghurt


Preheat the griddle if using.

Mix all the ingredients together

IMG_9021Mix together in the bowl using a fork

IMG_9022then get your hands in and bring together in a ball

IMG_9023Knead for 5/10mins until smooth

IMG_9038                      IMG_9030The spelt flour doesn’t need as much work as ordinary flour due to the different gluten structure, add more flour if necessary to stop the dough being too sticky.

Split the dough into 5/6 equal pieces.

IMG_9031Roll the dough out flat, I don’t bother trying to make them perfect cirlces I think the random shape adds to the charm! Roll out all of the balls but dust with flour in between if you layer them up so they don’t stick together

IMG_9032         IMG_9033You can either dry fry in a smoking hot frying pan or griddle them for a minute or two. Turn after about 1 minute when the flatbread starts to form bubbles and lines/colour appears on the under side.

IMG_9035               IMG_9036Serve immediately or keep warm covered in a just warm oven until you are ready. if you have some left over and want to refresh them later run the whole flatbread under a tap and warm through in a moderate oven for 5 mins.



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